DCS-825L Wi-Fi Baby Camera 

Keep an eye on your little one with the DCS-825L Wi-Fi Baby Camera. This portable camera transforms your mobile device into a versatile, yet easy to use baby monitor. Connect to the camera wirelessly or through the Internet so you can check on your infant no matter where you are. It includes a wide array of features to help you care for your child, including motion, sound, and temperature monitoring help you watch over your child, as well as night vision, automatic snapshots and recording, and even lullabies to help ease your baby to sleep.
  • Day & Night View Operates in high and low light environments for 24 hour surveillance   
  • Get a high-quality, HD video feed for extreme picture clarity   
  • Event Notification Can send notifications via email when specified alerts are triggered  
  • Remote Viewing View live video on mobile apps and in your browser  
  • The built-in lullaby player allows you to play gentle melodies to soothe your baby to sleep  
  • Sound Detection Sets markers and/or sends notifications when audio is detected  
  • Record video to an attached microSD card and play back using the mydlink website or mobile apps  
  • Motion Detection Sets markers and/or sends notifications when movement is detected  
  • Detects the ambient temperature at the camera’s location and triggers temperature-based alerts  
  • Two-Way Audio Has a microphone and speaker for two-way communication  
  • Connect over a Wi-Fi network, no need for Internet cables